PROGEDO (for "PROduction et GEstion des Données" [Production and Management of Data]) is a very large infrastructure (TGIR) aimed at developing data culture in the humanities and social sciences. Its scope is focused on data acquired by surveys. It supports the creation and dissemination of major international surveys and the use of public statistics by researchers.


PROGEDO is based on a multiscale organization: international, national, local.

On the international and European scale, PROGEDO supports France's participation in the production of large multidisciplinary surveys, in particular SSE (European Social Survey), SHARE (Survey on Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe), GGP (Generations and Gender Programme), EVS (European Value Study), ISSP surveys(International Social Survey Programme), etc. PROGEDO also coordinates French participation in ERIC CESSDA (Consortium of European Social Science Data Archives). This consortium places various European micro-data banks for humanities and social sciences into research networks and encourages cooperation between members to offer services that are useful for the development of national and international research.


In France, PROGEDO contributes to solve the problems of archiving, documentation and dissemination of French data from surveys or public statistics for research in humanities and social sciences through the Quételet-PROGEDO Diffusion portal. This portal houses data from the Archives de Données Issues de la Statistique Publique (more than 1500 surveys), the Centre de Données Socio-Politiques de Sciences Po and the service d’enquête de l’Ined [French Institute for Demographic Studies]. PROGEDO also supports the Centre d’Accès Sécurisé aux Données which allows highly secure access to extremely detailed individual data.

In Universities, alongside young researchers, teams and doctoral schools, the TGIR's action is carried out by the Plateformes Universitaires de Données (PUD). They are developed with the National Network of Human Science Houses, in an optimal framework of de-compartmentalization and pooling of resources. Thirteen PUDs are spread throughout metropolitan France and their number continues to grow. The PUD is an original structure that aims to stimulate the use of the data made available by PROGEDO and which is most likely to develop the culture of data in France by winning new audiences.

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